What is Ishshah Ministries?

Ishshah Ministries is an agency created to inspire, support, and edify believers through the Lord's Word. We do that via podcasts, fellowships, seminars, book clubs, intercessory prayer, general communication, and conferences - all in a safe but organic space. The heart of God's Word is always our framework, and the Spirit of God leads us.


The mission isn't a complicated one. We listen, encourage, correct, care about, love on, enhance, enrich, mature, celebrate and teach people as they pursue being their best selves.

One of the goals of the ministry is to develop and foster eternal relationships of all ages, nationalities, classes, educational backgrounds, etc. As the Lord gives the increase, we envision marshaling our collective resources to become an even broader and substantive entity; one that educates, arms, and supports people everywhere.

Ministry Overseer

 Pastor Celena J. Owens is a prayerful wife with an especial endearment for other wives. She knew the Lord at an early age but officially rededicated herself to Him at age 21. Within ten years, the Lord led her to her home church, True Worship Kingdom Ministries; where she was recognized and licensed as a teacher of God’s Word. After eleven years of fellowship, training, and serving many of the auxiliary ministries within TWKM, Celena was ordained and released as pastor in March 2013 to establish Poimen Ministries: a non-denominational, teaching, and virtual assembly. Through the use of several media platforms, Pastor Celena is able to "go out into all the world" teaching what God has taught her (Matthew 28:19-20). She is the host of the Ishshah Ministries Podcast; a global broadcast airing new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Apple Podcasts, Anchor Podcasts, Spotify, and many others.


An intercessor and teacher of God’s word, Celena remains devoted to the Lord, His word, and her family. She is focused on raising up a passionate and effective wives community who are humbly baked in prayer and in love with God's principles. Her teaching style appears casual and somewhat reserved but is solidly built on the truths of the Lord.


Pastor Celena simply wants to be a good example for believers everywhere: whether in word, behavior, charity, spirit, faith, or purity. Till He comes again, she has been blessed to spend her days and attendance in reading, exhortation, and doctrine; maintaining her goal of simply being the best wife she can be for her husband Adrian. 

Pastor Celena was graciously invited to participate in the Upper Marlboro, Md. National Day of Prayer intercession gathering. Praying for renewal in every family of God.

National Day of Prayer 2019


Thank you, Mrs. Christine Osei, Upper Marlboro, MD (Prince George's) County Administration Building event Coordinator.

I am extremely grateful to have participated in this annual event.