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The "S.S. Ishshah"

August 3, 2016

  "She is like the merchant ships loaded with foodstuffs;

she brings her household's food from a far [country]."

Proverbs 31:14



I like this verse. Let me tell you why. This scripture denotes purpose, will, ability, strength, un-compromised integrity, and magnitude. Throughout Scripture we've seen how God compares His people to nature (Psalm 92:12), sheep (John 10), and now manufactured equipment. I love it! Because merchant ships are the main tools of ocean transportation.


Merchant ships are built to survive.

Merchant ships are built to carry lots of things.

Merchant ships are built to endure bad weather, and yes even piratical attacks.

Merchant ships are built very strategically.

Merchant ships are built to forge ahead through tough waters, not sink, and return fully loaded.


And God says here that this is how He sees married ishshahs. Perhaps because, everyday wives must palpitate (beat like hearts: rapidly and strong) through the rhythm of life. Everyday wives must travel in the Spirit realm, to and fro, gathering and bringing back to their families the necessary food (direction, corrections, and blessings). Everyday wives must set sail on the Spirit of Living Waters - not knowing what will be revealed or disclosed. E V E R Y D A Y.


Another reason I like this verse is because God doesn't compares this ishshah to just one ship, but to at least two. She has the strength, integrity, capability, fortitude, and magnitude of at least two vessels. He says, "She (one person) is like the merchant ships (multiple)..." This ishshah has the resource, resolve, features, power, and presence of not just one vessel, but of several. See yourself as this today. See how your anointing, wisdom, kindness, strength, peace, integrity, love, and forgiveness is multiplied when you sail in the Spirit seeking food for your family. See how your capability is amplified. And notice how your physical design knows how and when to reset, heal and fortify itself during some of life's choppy waters: during those suddenly challenging inclement, uneven, spastic, and unsteady seasons of marriage. And these waters are what every merchant ship is designed (prepared) for.

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