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Do People Want What You Have?

October 11, 2016

"She makes fine linen garments and leads others to buy them;

she delivers to the merchants girdles [or sashes that free one up for service]."

Proverbs 31:24




In the natural, this lady's business was booming! That which she produced, was enough to incentivize others to want it and purchase it for themselves.  Yet if we look at this another way, fine linen is emblematic of righteousness. This wife knew how to project righteousness in such a way that others wanted it. She walked in it, and thereby successfully led others to understand their own need for it. The girdle is a symbol of strength, or support. This ishshah had that too. And she was able to use her strength (girdle) to help those who were, for one reason or another, heavy and bogged down.


If we put fine linen garments and girdles together, we end up with strong righteousness. The lost of the world could definitely use that. Do you walk in righteousness in such a way that they would desire it? Does the way you live your life entice others to desire the same level of Godliness for themselves? How about your husband? Is the righteousness you walk in before him fine, or gritty?


Remember, fine linen garments and girdles (strong righteousness) is not a marketing thing (how well you can talk the language), but it's a manufacturer thing (how well you can produce). Your character, like it or not, is always being evaluated. Does anyone want it? Your integrity, like it or not, is always on display. Does anyone want it? Your words, like it or not, are always being heard and weighed. Do people want and value them? Are people willing to buy (pay/sacrifice for) what you have?


All that we do, speak, and believe should lead others to believe (buy into) Christ; for we should constantly be working outward our salvation. Our efforts should constantly be freeing them up for service - bringing deliverance and liberty to those who are imprisoned and spiritually blind. So let's remember to ask ourselves today, "Does she want, what I have?" Does this non-believer, that has watched me and listened to me season after season, want the God that I proclaim? If not, we may need to look for holes or tears in our own girdles.






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