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Standing in the GAP

August 11, 2018




Ezekiel 22:30 says that God said He looked for a man among “the people of the land” (verse 29) who “used oppression, committed robbery, wronged and vexed the poor and needy, and oppressed the stranger wrongfully.”

Surely He knew that not EVERYONE participated in that behavior. And, even though He knew that there was in fact one or 3 or 10 or 82 people who were removed from it, none of them came forward. Maybe it was fear of ridicule, or doubt that God would actually use their prayers or hear them, or simply just plain old selfishness that kept them back. I don’t know. But it made me wonder: which excuse keeps me back at times?

The Lord God looked for a man who would stand still, who would hold his ground, who would endure, who would take a stand for the land so that The Lord Himself wouldn’t have to destroy it.

He looked for somebody who would fill in the ruptures and the breaches, but He didn’t find anyone who was willing. For being capable and being willing are two different people actions. He hoped to find someone who would sacrifice time and forego themselves long enough to help fill in and fortify the hole, but He couldn’t find anyone.

He was hoping to find someone willing to do the work required, whatever was required, so that He wouldn’t have to cause/allow decay and ruin and injury to happen upon the land, but He couldn’t find anyone.

I’m not in place every time God needs me.
I’m not willing to sacrifice *my time (what a funny phrase) every time The Spirit of God summons me.
And, I’m not always still long enough to see the blueprints (and/or their revisions) for what God is asking me to help build.

Maybe you’re not either.

But I’m SO thankful that #Jesus was.

Lord, I repent for not yielding to Your Spirit at times. I ask Your forgiveness, *and Your help TO be in place, TO sacrifice as You ask (trusting You to sustain and reimburse me), and TO study the specs (Your Word) until I understand what You’re building and how I can help.

I’m thankful for Jesus and the example, mercy, and fresh start that His Spirit and sacrifice provides. And, it is in HIS name that I pray to You and thank You. Amen. 




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