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The Haps

January 23, 2019

Hi all!

I know I've been away for three months now, but much has been happening and I'm truly thankful for it all. Let me truncate some of my realities and share 'em with you! Got a few minutes?!


I don't know if I mentioned it (I'd have to go back and check), but my September 12, 2018 oophorectomy surgery was a success. I had so much peace AND happiness going into the surgery that it was scary. I could hardly wait! And, not because I was in pain, but for some reason, I was actually excited to have surgery! Who does that?! Weird, huh? I know.


And, while the surgery was uneventful (thank You, God), the recovery left an indelible impression upon my memory. So, the surgery required 3 small incisions on my tummy area. Now, I'd had appendicitis back in 2013 so I was very familiar with this type of surgery and the recovery process. Both of those had gone smoothly for me then. And because I'd had no problems recovering from an appendectomy, I just knew that my recovery from the unilateral oophorectomy would be just as quick and seamless.


Yeah, no.


Long story short: surgeons will often place a glue over sutures of incision sites. As I said, this had happened before, so I was okay with it. But my skin did NOT like the glue that my gynecologist used; and BOY did it let me know that. I developed hives. Red, migratory, angry, painful, itchy, don't-touch-me, don't-breath-on-me, just leave me alone HIVES. Three prescriptions didn't alleviate them BUT simple over-the-counter Allegra, wrapping my belly in plastic when I bathed, and old fashioned calamine lotion made the recovery A LOT more bearable. I still itched, and I still had to pick dried glue out of my navel (!), but I had a lot more comfortability the last 10-14 of my recovery than the first 10 days of my recovery.


Thank You Jesus!


What else!?


Post-surgery, I finally made it to New Orleans in October to see my beloved Saints play (and win) against the Redskins. Unbeknownst to me then, that would also be the game that QB Drew Brees would break yet another record.


Also, somewhere between this game and Thanksgiving (?), I began a new side hustle y'all: INSTACART! I truly enjoy it! I go to the grocery, shop for people, and deliver their groceries to them. I'm paid every week, have since recruited 5 people, and I absolutely enjoy it!


Shortly after beginning with Instacart, in the late fall of 2018, I remember praying aloud to God, "I need an intercessor. I need someone praying for me." A couple of weeks later, the Lord opens me up to hiring a life coach; my trusted friend, Teresa Goff of "Make It Happen".


While working with her, I realized (yet again) that's I need to find my voice.  And, one of the very creative (I actually find it funny) ways that the Lord is doing that is by letting my project and hear my own voice and through podcasting! Podcasting was something that came to my attention in the summer of 2018, but I never "did anything with it". Yet, intelligent Holy Spirit - Who knows the purposes, the plans, and our skill sets - used my friend to simply remind me of that medium once again. During one of our sessions Coach Teresa simply suggested, "What about podcasting?" 


All I'll say is: Lo AND behold, I love it!

There's so much freedom and pleasure when I'm recording into my phone!




If you're interested in listening, please check it out! I'd love to hear your feedback (positive or negative), so that I can develop and better hone this voice and platform that God's given me.


The #IshshahMinistries podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.Fm, and a few other platforms. This season I'm teaching on the wives of Scripture, while sprinkling in some interviews with others. My biggest hope for these interviews is to glean from Godly, stable, secure men or couples. We discuss elements like faith, marriage, faith and marriage, and a few other topics - that I hope will be truly helpful as well.


I began CEO Writing Services in July: a typing, transcription, and writing business (for novice authors). Amid surgery recovery and 3 out-of-town trips (I've also been to New York, and Alabama and Florida), God blessed me with 3 paying clients and 1 pro bono - all four requiring a different component of my metier. I'm so thankful.


Being a wife, figuring out how to redo this website, reading books on better controlling (and possibly reversing) my hypothyroidism, studying Nehemiah, planning for Houston (next month), preparing for podcasts, staying active (as a necessity) on social media, Insta-carting, and performing intermittent jobs for CeOWS is ALL me right now. And, I thank You, Lord Jesus, for good wisdom, strength & energy, forgiveness when I make mistakes, and momentum to do it all. I even thank You for the more that's yet coming - that I don't even have full details on yet. Know that I'm open to it! 






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